Flex Fuel Sensor Connector Pigtail GM Plastic Body Fuel Composition Ethanol E85

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GM E85 Flex Fuel Sensor Connector Pigtail Plastic Body Fuel Composition Ethanol


  • EFI Performance Wiring Part # 210-0234
  • New Fuel Composition Sensor Pigtail.
  • Uses the same Delphi/Packard connectors, terminals, and seals as the factory wiring harness. 
  • Assembled in our shop using the factory correct cross linked polyethelene high temperature TXL wire in the proper gauge.
  • Approximately 12" long wires.
  • If you need a longer length or different color wires please email us, we will be happy to build it for you.
  • Assembled in the USA.

Wire Colors

1: 18 Ga Pink with Black Stripe -To 12v Ignition Source, Key in Run Position - Sensor Power
2: 18 Ga Black - To Common Computer Ground - Sensor Ground 
3: 18 Ga White - To Computer - Ethanol Percentage and Fuel Temperature Signal


Fits Second generation GM E85 plastic housing sensors 2006-up manufactured by Continental 
AC Delco / GM # 13577394, 13577379, 13577429 or aftermarket equivalent
For the first generation metal sensor connector search for EFI Performance part # 210-0135